Mathematica as a WWW client
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 1994 18:39:16 --100
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Subject: Mathematica as a WWW client
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Ok, I got you laughing, right?

Well, actually there are a lot of advantages to notebooks:

1. Embedded Video or live movies widgets in the viewer (I have already
   converted a JPEG movie and stuck it into a Math Notebook)
2. Full Text layout (almost as good as the latest version of Word)
   Since one has sections, tabs, mixed font, headers, footers, etc.
3. Embedded Audio
4. Full-feature postscript can be embedded into the document
5. One can even wrap text around graphics (with a little bit of 
   Postscript hacking).
6. Already runs on PCs and Macs and Unix boxes.

Well, if I had some way faking the GUI inputs for the X Front End,
I think I would have it (coupled with a www-library deamon program
that I can create pretty easily).

What I need is help with one of the following:

1. Some way to talk from the math kernel to the FrontEnd (e.g. a mathlink
   connection). However, I do not know the protocol the FrontEnd uses
   over Mathlink, and if it is possible to send mathlink commands to
   make the Front End do such actions as load notebook from file.

2. Alternatively, (and even a worse hack), I could send X-events that
   fake keypresses to open and close notebook files.

3. I am also looking for some way to associate a graphic cell with a
   mathematica script. That is, I want something similiar to a button
   press running a script (possibly I could remap the evaluate-selection
   function to be a mouse button 2 press, or something like that).

Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund [MIME]
GTE Laboratories, Waltham MA