CERN Daemon 2.15beta and CGI script (ts)
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 11:18:40 --100
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Subject: CERN Daemon 2.15beta and CGI script
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 Cern Daemon 2.15beta support "nph-" CGI script ?

 I have not seen any reference to "nph" in  :

> Results From Scripts
> Scripts return their results either outputting a document to their standard output, or by
> outputting the location of the result document (either a full URL or a local virtual
> path). 
> Outputting a Document
> Script result must begin with a Content-Type: line giving the document content
> type, followed by an empty line. The actual document follows the empty line.
> Example: 
>         Content-Type: text/html
>         <HEAD>
>         <TITLE>Script test>
>         </HEAD>
>         <BODY>
>         <H1>My First Virtual Document</H1>
>         ....
>         </BODY>
> Giving Document Location
> If the script wants to return an existing document (local or remote), it can give a 
> Location: header followed by an empty line: Example: 

Guy Decoux