Re: Problem with "~user/file.html" (Kevin Altis)
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 21:21:43 --100
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From: (Kevin Altis)
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Subject: Re: Problem with "~user/file.html"
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At 11:56 AM 2/15/94 +0000, wrote:
>Ok, let's say you want to do something like click *here* to get info
>about the author of this document. The form "/~userid/me.html" only
>works over the server, and the form "/whole/path/some/where/me.html"
>only works with local access! What can I do???

Two things to be aware of. One, I added a users directory under htdocs for
our server, then added:
Alias /~/ /users/
to my server setup (ncsa_httpd). So, a http server relative reference of
~username or /users/username is equivelant. What you put in the
htdocs/users is your business, it could alias to the public_html for each
username or it could point only to those users that want to have their
directories available or it could point to the users home directory. BTW,
creating 700 aliases is a piece of cake if you just write a script to go
through your /etc/passwd file.

In your Unix file system (not the httpd server root), if you had a /users
directory, so that at the shell prompt, each user could do a "cd
/users/username" to easy users home directory, then a local reference
should work the same as a server reference for user directories.

Anybody else doing something like this?