Re: HTTP Server Load (Paul Everitt)
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 1994 19:53:16 --100
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Subject: Re: HTTP Server Load
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To add to the thought process on this -- we are moving our 
httpd from a Sun ELC running Solaris 2.3 (don't laugh!) to 
an MP machine, either a SS10 or 1000.

I was told that apps don't necessarily have to be ported 
and recompiled to take advantage of MP stuff, since they
network and OS libraries that call take up ~70% of the 
processing time.  Therefore, that 70% would be dynamically
linked, and would inherit MP abilities.

Any thoughts on this?  We are also considering moving WAIS,
INN, etc. to this machine.  Are there any MP types out there
that would care to comment?


>We're about to bring on-line a WWW server which we expect to
>be heavily utilized.  The production plans include buying a new machine,
>but we're not sure about the system load of a high use server.
>Currently I'm running a development server (NCSA's httpd) standalone on a 
>Sparc 10 Model 30 with no problems, but usage is, of course, quite low.
>The server is used to perform some heavy-duty database (Sybase) querying.
>I suspect that performance problems will be due to the query processes
>and not the httpd server itself; nevertheless, server performance is
>a concern.
>If anyone has any performance stats or anecdotal evidence for memory
>requirements, CPU usage, or response time vs connections on Sun machines
>I'd be very interested.  Direct e-mail replies to
>Thanks very much,
>-David Kulp.
>Genome DataBase
>Johns Hopkins Univ