Re: Selecting Languages

Hitoaki Sakamoto <hitoaki@mahler.NTT.JP>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 1994 10:23:10 --100
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From: Hitoaki Sakamoto <hitoaki@mahler.NTT.JP>
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Subject: Re: Selecting Languages 
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Hi Masataka,

  I haven't seen you for a long time.... :-)

>> The problem is how to express language.

  I see.

>> There is ISO 639 two letter langage code (not contry code) but it does
>> not contain a lot of languages.
>> So, whether it should be extended or not and how can it be extended
>> is, I think, the largest issue.

  Let me see. But ISO 639 is resonable for the time.  Do you 
think about it? 

>> Do you want to distinguish Queen's and American English?

  It is diffcult for me to make exact distinctions between
both languages. ;-<