Q: How to expire / Prevent caching of certain sites

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Subject: Q: How to expire / Prevent caching of certain sites
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can someone please point me to a source where I can learn how two
supply EXPIRE or related stuff in my html-documents?

Beside this, I have a problem with caching. I use the proxy cern httpd2.16b,
lynx2.2 and Mosaic2.2. The server I maintain is the "entry"-server
for *.uni-frankfurt.de. The server provides links to some faculties
and institutions of uni-frankfurt, which have own servers. In addition
it serves our own pages (cs-department). Naturally, I won't have it caching
the httpd-requests that go to *.uni-frankfurt.de, because this isn't necessary
and would obsolete the other servers.

I didn't found how to prevent httpd2.16b from caching certain sites. Is there
a way to prevent Mosaic and Lynx from using my server as a proxy for
such requests ? 

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