Re: annotations and usenet news (David Kulp)
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 1994 17:15:08 --100
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From: (David Kulp)
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Subject: Re: annotations and usenet news
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> From: Yezdi Lashkari <>
> Some time ago I came across a proposal to propagate the 
> annotations made by WWW/Mosaic clients via the USENET
> mechanism so that potentially everyone would have 
> access to these annotations and use them. Could someone
> tell me what has happened to this proposal ? 
> thanks
> Yezdi
I'm very interested in this as well.  There's some old notes on one of the
NCSA servers written by Marc Andreesen which sum up the discussion on how
to revamp the annotations, but the issue seems to have been dropped.

Rob McCool recently mentioned that annotation may be a part of httpd 1.2.
I sure hope so.  We're interested in creating an on-line medical journal
in which the editors could edit by annotation.  Annotation facilities would
be a real bonus.

-David Kulp.