Re: The future of meta-indices/libraries?
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 20:39:32 --100
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Subject: Re: The future of meta-indices/libraries?
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Hi the Web,

Peter Deutsch <> wrote:
> Actually, we do plan to add this capability to the archie
> server system in the very near future.  For WWW there's the
> obvious problem of what to index, since there is no real
> useful meta-info in the URL itself (how many copies of
> "default.html" are there, anyways? :-) so at this point
> we'd be happy to be told what to collect and serve.

The title comes to mind.. but something with a bit more meaning
would be better. Well, how about using the group statement to mark
up special semantics of HTML text? You could have

   <GROUP role="keywords">
   <H2> Keywords: </H2>
   compression, encryption

in the header, or at multiple positions in the text: 

  Now let us talk about <GROUP role="keywords">encoding</GROUP>.

In my humble opinion, extracting these groups is something that should
be done on the server side, e.g. via a CGI script. All the archie software
has to do is call up that script. I'm working on this anyway, it could be
included with the server distribution. Also, please remember that names
can be remapped to other locations then their physical paths - file tree
walking will not do.

Have a good one,
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