Re: WWW servers for Novell (Thorsten Ludewig)
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 15:00:03 --100
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From: (Thorsten Ludewig)
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Subject: Re: WWW servers for Novell
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> Subject: WWW servers for Novell
> I am a newcomer to this mailing list, and to WWW in general, but
> my organization is in the process of setting up a WWW server for
> internal use (initially) and eventually for external use.  We have
> just started to use unix workstations, and are learning our
> way, but we still have a large network of PCs, connected by a
> Novell network running IPX (for now).  This network contains a large
> amount of data that we would like to make available via a WWW-type
> server.  I have looked in the list of tools for WWW, but have not found
> any PC-type servers listed there.  Does any one who subscribes to
> this list know where such a thing can be found?  Alternatively, does
> anyone know whether it is possible for a unix server to reach into
> a PC network and serve documents from a PC?  Any and all thoughts on this
> are welcome.
> Ralph Caruso
> US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Just try to connect the Novell own WWW server for more information.
  <a href="">The Novell European Support Center</a>
  <a href="">The US Novell Support Center</a>

Ciao Thorsten

Thorsten Ludewig,,