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"Jon P. Knight" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 1994 12:25:01 --100
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On Thu, 17 Mar 1994, Keith Moore wrote:
> > Then
> > the rest of the URN is appended - in the example this gives us
> > 
> >
> Yikes!! I see no reason that a URN should be constrained to contain
> any part of an eventual URL (or likewise, why a URL should have to
> contain any part of any of the URNs that might point to it.)
> And I can see some very good reasons NOT to impose this constraint.

Martin showed me this last night and I was under the impression that the
URL <> wasn't an eventual URL that
the URN was pointing at but was the URL of the URC which contained
multiple URLs which you then followed to get to the resource.  I can't
really see why the system couldn't tack more or less anything from the end
of the URN onto the URL stem returned from the DNS to point to the URC; surely
this would be up to the administrators of that URC to decide?  What's the
good reasons that this won't work?


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