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"Kevin 'Kev' Hughes" <kevinh@eit.COM>
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 1994 18:15:12 -0800
From: "Kevin 'Kev' Hughes" <kevinh@eit.COM>
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Subject: Re: minimal HTML
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Kevin Altis ( writes:

 |propose that the HTML below is probably the minimal HTML file (assuming
 |mailto: is still okay ;-). HTML Guide writers, people writing translators
 |from latex, rtf, etc. to HTML, etc. might want to use this. Comments,
 |additions, tomatoes?

	I agree that the <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY> tags should be a
part of standard practice, but for new and old manual HTML writers,
it can get pretty tedious, unless you have great command over macros.
	I'd really like to see a program that can roam around
a Web directory tree and add standard tags like these automatically
(and/or substitute user-defined strings), like an HTML "lint" that can
clean up for you. I've played with an older HTML checker before, but it
didn't alert me to the lack of those tags, and its configuration was a bit
	Until HTML editors/convertors are widely used, this would be the
best way of assuring standard "by the book" HTML. Who'd like to
volunteer to write this needed webmaster's tool? I'm a bit busy at the
moment! :)

	-- Kevin

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