Re: URL lengths (Lou Montulli)
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 1994 22:59:18 --100
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From: (Lou Montulli)
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Subject: Re: URL lengths
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> > Are there any (known) limits on the lenghts of URLs? Im working on
> > something right now that needs to encrypt a LOT of information into a
> > 302 redirect and it appears to cause problems if the line gets too
> > long.
> There are no limits on the length of URL in HTML. But in libwww, the MIME
> header parsing code seems to limit the length of any field value to 256.
> This means that your redirect_url gets truncated. I could not confirm
> this, since MacMosaic does not support forms yet. If anyone patches it,
> can you mail the patch to me?

The value field is currently a staticly defined array of characters
with a set limit of 128 characters.  It is defined that way due to
the fact that characters are added one at a time to the value field.
A real fix will require going to a chunck based structure or 
doing multiple StrAllocCats which would seem horribly inefficient.

Since I'm lazy I just increased the VALUE_SIZE to 1024.  That should
handle most of them until we can get a real solution.

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