Re: TkWWW 0.11 prerelease ok or not?

Peter Galbavy <>
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 1994 14:10:12 --100
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Subject: Re: TkWWW 0.11 prerelease ok or not?
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> Has anyone out there gotten the prerelease of tkWWW 0.11 to work?
> Should I assume from the lack of bug reports that 1) it works o.k. or
> 2) no one has gotten it to work and everyone has given up?

works fine for me under NetBSD-current. Except for a minor buglet:

In the save window, clicking on a symlink pointing to a directory
saves a file in the destination directory with the name "link@",
where "link" is the original name of the link, instead of chdir'ing
into that directory.

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