Re: How do you maintain image maps?

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Date: Mon, 21 Mar 1994 13:39:14 --100
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Subject: Re: How do you maintain image maps?
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> I recently got around to reading the NCSA "document" on how to setup
> clickable image maps.  Now the big question is how many people use
> this method (XPaint & XV) for creation maintinace of your image maps, or
> what do you use?

Since most of the clients here are MacMosaic, most of the work is done on 
a Macintosh using Adobe Photoshop for both creation and for getting the 
coordinates.  We have very few X users here.

> What features in a tool would you like to see to make this task easier?

A simple tool to create and save the polygon data might be nice.  You 
could simply click on points and it would leave a trail and then we 
finished output the data.  Of an X verion would be the obvious choice 
now, but probably wouldnt do *me* much good.

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