Re: file://localhost => local: ? (Kevin Altis)
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 1994 20:06:43 --100
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From: (Kevin Altis)
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Subject: Re: file://localhost  =>  local: ?
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At  7:14 PM 3/21/94 +0000, Larry Masinter wrote:
>Another more serious problem is that many HTML documents on the net
>still use 'file:' instead of 'ftp:'. To get this to work with the
>proxy gateway, I set things up so that
>setenv file_proxy = http://myserver:/
>and then set up the httpd.conf on the server so that:
>        Pass    file:*  ftp:*

Regardless of the URL confusion, you shouldn't have had to change X Mosaic
or the cern_httpd. URLs of the form file://host.domain/ are interpreted by
Cello, Lynx, Mosaic, etc. as ftp URLs, so the proxying still works
correctly. URLs of the form file://localhost/ are considered local
filesystem references.

Yes, use of file: rather than ftp: is rather confusing. It is the job of
the URI working group to document correct URL usage, but it will be
sometime before people can be persuaded not to use file: instead of ftp:.