Disabling "Text Symbols" in MAC Mosaic

myers@cfi.org (Tom Myers)
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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 1994 18:13:40 +0200
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From: myers@cfi.org (Tom Myers)
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Subject: Disabling "Text Symbols" in MAC Mosaic
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I have found it difficult to achieve the proper layout of various
items using html. According to documentaion provided by NCSA on
HTML, I can use "ASCII equivalent" characters in the form of

     &#ascii_equivalent;     (or &#030; for a space works in X)

to force spaces where I need them. I have discovered several bugs
related to using this technique (in mosaic for X Windows), such as
truncated words. In the Mac version of Mosaic, these appear as some
particular (visible) symbol on the screen. This seems similar to
what many word processors refer to as "text symbols", such as 
paragraph symbols, (backwards P) new lines, tabs etc. which typically 
have some form of a toggle, display/hide type of switch. I have looked
at the online "Specifications for Cross Platform Compatibility" html,
but cannot fine a reference to this problem.