Re: Proposal: clients whould punt to http://host on unknown protocol

miked@CERF.NET (Michael A. Dolan)
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 1994 23:33:06 +0200
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Subject: Re: Proposal: clients whould punt to http://host on unknown protocol
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At 10:59 PM 6/22/94 +0200, Steven D. Majewski wrote:
> That clients should "punt" to http://host  on unknown protocol field
> in URL. 

This is certainly a better solution than "gack".  However it presumes
a URL format for an unknown method.  In other words, it assumes the
existance of "host[:port]".  Where this will not work is if one's client
does not support news, for example.  Then where does the proxy request go ?

Probably no harm in trying, though with some warning to the user that the
client is guessing.

Another possibility would be to explicitly define an "unknown method server".
In otherwords, have a client configuration parameter that defines a host to
accept unknown methods as a proxy.  This would normally be a proxiable httpd,
but would not have to be.

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