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Paul Phillips <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 22:15:51 +0200
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Subject: Re: Transparent Gifs
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Please make an effort to keep up with the FAQ, everyone.  This thread has 
been done to death on comp.infosystem.www.* and has been reflected in the 
FAQ for some time.

-- Begin excerpt --
4.9: How can I make transparent GIFs?

   Transparent GIFs are useful because they appear to blend in smoothly
   with the user's display, even if the user has set a background color
   that differs from that the developer expected.
   There is a document explaining transparent GIFs available at the URL You can fetch
   the program giftrans by anonymous ftp from at
   the path /pub/net/www/tools/giftrans.c.
-- End excerpt --


On Wed, 29 Jun 1994, Simeon Warner wrote:

> I think Malcolm Vincent's request is very pertinent, pity I don't know if
> it is possible. A couple of times I've thought I've seen transparent gifs
> but each time the originator has just used the default Mosaic background 
> (I've now changed my background so I can see the cheating!). Do we really 
> have to resort to xbm's which are, unfortunately, rather large?