Mosaic mail reading...

Matt Womer <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 1994 17:43:08 +0200
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From: Matt Womer <>
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Subject: Mosaic mail reading...
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Yesterday in a fit of trying to understand MIME types and stuff I defined
a few different types to give me an interface to MH.  It's a terrible
kludge.  Has anyone done something similar that I can steal ideas from?

Most of the kludge comes from the fact that I can't use CGI's or anything,
so it's all client side stuff.  Basically three types, a scan, inc and show 
mappings to .show, .inc, .scan, and then application types that take a scan,
inc, or show, and html-ize the output, and then SIGUSR1 Mosaic.

Please don't flame me for this, I know it's awful, but it's just a project
and if I can't do it without tons of dumy files, I'm not going to use it at