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Date: Fri, 1 Jul 1994 07:57:15 +0200
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As I mentioned now and then, here and there, I've put together an
World-Wide Web archive of a number of mailing lists accessible via a
hierarchical menu system.  My system automatically converts the text of the
message to HTML, including making HREFs live.  The conversion doesn't deal
very well with detecting formatted text and it interprets all HTML it finds
in the text, since its presence can be ambiguous.  Messages are somewhat
threaded -- there are pointers to replies in each parent message.

The newest addition to this system is a full-text engine for the archived
messages.  I'm using AppleSearch via a beta of Chuck Shotten's
AppleWebSearch.cgi, through MacHTTP.  The archives are files that contain
complete threads with internal links.

This whole system is experimental, so I can't promise it'll always work
just as you expect, but it's been fairly stable for several weeks, so I'm
comfortable with this informal announcement.  You'll find a few menus that
might not work exactly as advertised and there are things that are under
construction.  What you can't see is the system I'm building for creating
and maintaining the hierarchical menu system.

Enjoy!  Feedback, bug reports, suggestions, etc. are welcome.  Please e-mail me.

The home page is:


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