Online Dates for WWW Servers?

Eric Bloch <bloch@tempo.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 1994 19:34:12 --100
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Subject: Online Dates for WWW Servers?
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Hi All!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has responded so far.
I originally broadcast my request to www-talk, www-announce,
comp.infosystems.www, webmaster@host (for all hosts in Matthew 
Gray's most recent list), and the email addresses listed on\
I've received about 190 email messages (from all over
the Web) and I think I'll probably have dates for more than 300
servers.   Not really close to the number of servers that are 
really out there but still (probably 1800 or so by now I'd guess).

I will be announcing a new WWW server real soon with
   (1) a fill-out form version of the survey
   (2) the results to date
and I'll probably continue to post this message once a week or so
to try and keep up with new servers.

If this message is entirely cryptic to you, please see the text after
my signature below.

Thanks Everyone,
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(an advanced apology if you have already received this request)

                          PLEASE PLEASE REPLY!!

Hi Webmaster,

In the name of documenting the expansion of the WorldWideWeb, I'm trying to
collect the on-line dates of all WWW (http) servers.  Please help if you can!

If you know the date that your (or any) WWW server came on line
could you please send me the date.  I'm particularly interested in the dates
of servers that have been around for a long time.

If the server is no longer available, I would like to get the date it ceased
operation, too.

Please help me!  Information on as many servers as you know about would
be great!  A reply with the following would be great:

Server Home Page URL:
On-line Date: (Year, Month, and Day if known)
(server shutdown Date if applicable)