Interest in HTML Conformance? (William M. Perry)
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 10:53:26 --100
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From: (William M. Perry)
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Subject: Interest in HTML Conformance?
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>>>>> "DWC" == Daniel W Connolly <> writes:

DWC> I'm interested in establishing a formal definition of HTML --
DWC> perhaps a few variants including "Minimal HTML Support" (no forms,
DWC> no nested lists, conforming SGML), "Mosaic-2.x Support" (where 2.x
DWC> is some future release of Mosaic which coincides with publication
DWC> of a DTD that it supports).

DWC> Perhaps HTML+ could be incorporated as a level of support.

    We discussed this at the TEI-WWW meeting in ireland and had decided to
have 'levels' of browsers.  Here is an excertp from the notes we put
together at the end of the meetings:

	o Browsers may implement different levels of HTML+ conformance.
		* Level 0 implementation
			+ HTML 1.0 spec referenced above
		* Level 1 implementation
			+ Partial fill-out forms
			+ New entity definitions (in section 5.1 of HTML+
		* Level 2 implementation
			+ Additional presentation tags (sub, sup, strike)
			  & logical emphasis
			+ Full forms support (incl.  type checking)
			+ Generic emphasis tag
		* Level 3 implementation
			+ Figures
			+ NOTEs and admonishments
		* Further levels to be specified

   There was some discussion of this after the notes were put on the web,
and most seemed to agree that it was a good thing.  I definitely do _NOT_
think this should be based on what any one browser does (unless it is dsr's
html+ browser :)

-Bill P.