Quality problems with WWW and Gopher

Jacob Palme DSV <jpalme@dsv.su.se>
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Subject: Quality problems with WWW and Gopher
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During a recent course on Internet, we made demonstrations of WWW and
Gopher. Although the course participants liked the idea of the services,
their appreciation would have been higher if so many things which looked 
to them like errors in the data bases occurred.

What happended was that when I tried to follow a link, instead of getting 
the linked document, I got either nothing, or some kind of error message
saying for example that "this file has been moved to tape" or something
like that.

Because the person who puts in a link in WWW or Gopher, and the person 
who is responsible for the linked document, sometimes are not actively
cooperating, this can happen. Especially when users use services like
Veronica, links to non-existing documents can easily occur and make
people feel that Veronica is not a good service.

My suggestion for a solution to this problem is the following:
Change the format of WWW and Gopher documents, so that there is a bit 
somewhere in the document saying that "this is a dummy document,
the real document is not available any more". Also, always store
in WWW and Gopher documents the e-mail address of the person responsible 
for the document. By document I mean also Gopher menus.

Then create a program which runs through the whole worldwide Gopher and 
WWW data bases, in much the same way as is done when accumulating data 
for the Veronica data bases. This program should note every case where a 
Gopher menu or a WWW document contains a link to a non-existent or dummy 
document. The program should then automatically write an e-mail message 
to the person responsible for the WWW document or Gopher menu, telling 
him/her that his document/menu contains links to a certain non-
existent or dummy document. Hopefully, the person will then remove the 
non-working link, or change it to refer to an existing document instead.

(I am not a subscriber to www-talk or gopher-news, so if you write an 
answer to this message, please post a copy to my e-mail address also.)

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