Re: freeWAIS Multiformat type and WWW front end (David Crossley)
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 1994 11:44:51 --100
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From: (David Crossley)
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Subject: Re: freeWAIS Multiformat type and WWW front end
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Marc Andreesen writes on Mon, 4 Apr 94:

> David Crossley writes:
> > We do not store our metadata in text files but in an RDBMS.  So we
> > do not have any text files to index.  As far as I can see the only
> > solution is to run a cron job every few days to generate metadata
> > text files from the RDBMS for each dataset and index these.
> > 
> > Another solution may be to create a text file for each dataset of
> > likely keywords, index these and then somehow intercept the query
> > with either a WAIS server script or a WWW server script.  Does
> > anyone know if this would be possible?

> The latter should be possible if you're going through a sufficiently
> smart and customized WAIS/WWW gateway.  In other words, the gateway
> has to be smart enough to map WAIS search hits to some representation
> of files in the RDBMS; a parallel WWW script would then need to be
> able to reach inside the database upon receiving a query for such a
> representation.  I think that's how it would work...

So as not to assume that the WAIS request is always coming from a WWW client
I will probably do all this with a WAIS gateway and WAIS server scripts. 
I hope that I can get it smart enough to then regenerate metadata files when 
a hit is made. Then these could be picked up by the Multiformat Opportunity
of the client. These metadata files would then be regularly re-indexed 
rather than do the keywords caper.


David Crossley
ERIN - Environmental Resources Information Network - Australia