Re: Revised Beginner's Guide to HTML available for perusal (John Lewis)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 1994 23:23:01 --100
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Subject: Re: Revised Beginner's Guide to HTML available for perusal
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At 10:11 PM 4/19/94 +0000, Kenneth Chang wrote:
>A revised version of NCSA's "A Beginner's Guide to HTML" is available at
>Comments, criticisms, typo corrections welcome.

Looks good, a definite improvement.  What about the table of contents?  But
more importantly, this list has been doing a lot of talk regarding the
future of HTML, and perhaps the time to implement these future changes
should be now, in the HTML Primer.

Like mentioning the <HTML><HEAD>....</HEAD><BODY>......</BODY></HTML> tags,
and their importance for the future.

Many html document creators get their feet wet using the HTML Primer as a
guideline (I know I did).  I'd like to see more direction from the Primer
about "proper" HTML markup so as to avoid having to go and change
everything to conform with HTML+, or proper HTML for that matter.

Is this possible?  Can Dan Connolly or other front runners in the HTML
scene lend a hand?

John N. Lewis
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