Re: Revised Beginner's Guide to HTML available for perusal (ASTS Ken Sall)
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 00:41:28 --100
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Subject: Re: Revised Beginner's Guide to HTML available for perusal
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 >> At a length of 14 pages (printed), this guide is already too long for
 >> documenting a supposedly "lightweight" format. I left 
 >> out discussions of <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY> because they really aren't
 >> needed for simple documents and would take a couple of pages to explain
 >> them properly.
 >> I'll probably add a paragraph under "For more information" that says something
 >> like "Everything in this guide works, but is not exactly grammatically
 >> precise HTML. Sort of like Cockney."

Although I acknowledge 14 pages is long for a Beginners' Guide,
I also think it is important to use <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY>
at least in your "Longer Example", perhaps with a link in the 
"Here is a longer example" paragraph saying:
"For a discussion of <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY>, see..."
In fact, there should be link with text that mentions HTML+, IMHO.

I used the Beginners' Guide and created a number of files before
I saw examples using <HEAD>, and <BODY>. I wish I had seen them on day one.

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