Re: html+ - remove <p> and </p> (Lou Montulli)
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 1994 21:14:54 --100
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Subject: Re: html+ - remove <p> and </p>
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> >
> >after all, with a <p> flag, you could have the whole document without
> >a line break, and with a <p> legally coming in the middle of a line.
> >
> >comments please?
> I agree!  I have also been frustrated with not having the option of a hard
> return without the blank line that the <p> flag adds.  Any solution for
> that that I have missed?
Yes there is a solution that you have missed.  The <br> tag.  It stands
for line BReak.  But you shouldn't feel bad about not knowing about it,
the documentation and specifications about the web has been 
VERY SLOW in getting updated!!!!!

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