HTTP startup opportunity (Peng Tsin ONG)
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 21:19:52 +0200
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From: (Peng Tsin ONG)
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Subject: HTTP startup opportunity
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I tought this group might be interested in this... [please don't reply to me.]

UNIX Implementer needed for exciting information delivery startup

Experienced management team (a Stanford MBA with Engineering degree, 
a high-powered software architect, a great advisory board and all with 
considerable successful startup experience) has researched, defined and 
developed an opportunity for a unique information packaging and delivery 
business.  We are seeking a full-time implementer who desires a significant 
equity position.  The position starts in mid April (although working part 
time in April as a consultant and full time in May as an employee can be 

Attributes include:
1) Experience in working from architectural specification and adding your 
   own intelligence and creativity to a project.
2) Experience in processing text using Awk, Yacc, Perl or some sort of 
   shell programming such as the Borne shell.
3) Experience in programming in Sybase, Oracle or Informix, especially 
   interfacing relational databases to independent UNIX processes.  You 
   should know how to put / fetch multi-media objects in a relational 
4) Experience with SMTP, UUCP and list-server software. For example, 
   you should know how SMTP and UUCP works and integrate it with list-
   server software from the net.
5) Knowledge of MIME.
6) Experience with Mosaic, Lynx and WWW.  You should, at a minimum 
   use Mosaic, Lynx and WWW for personal Rnet exploration.S
7) Knowledge of HTML and HTTP.  You should know what HTML code 
   looks like and know about to about tools to write HTML.
8) Knowledge of Veronica, Gopher and Archie.  Preference is for people 
   how know how to put each of these services on the Internet.
9) You should be able to do the following:  Process MIME or non-MIME 
   e-mail messages to put or retrieve appropriate text / multi-media object in 
   a relational database.  This database should be readable by XMosaic.  
10) You should be able to manage a beta testing operation.
11) You should really be into computers and the net: maybe you own your 
    own SparcStation.

If you are interested, please fax a resume and a detailed letter describing 
your relevant experience for each attribute to:


or e-mail to:
	Attn: Early Start Project.

Please don't just send a resume.  Enclose your e-mail address and
any phone numbers from which you can be reached.  If there is an
interest we will send you a Non-disclosure agreement with a
detailed description of the project.