Announcing tkWWW-0.11

Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 04:51:58 +0200
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Subject: Announcing tkWWW-0.11
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tkWWW Version 0.11 beta (
World Wide Web (WWW) is a hypertext project which seeks to build a
world wide network of hypertext links.  There are several different
browsers for this system including a simple tty interface.

Tk is an interpreted toolkit which allows one to build X11 applications
quickly and easily.

tkWWW is a Tk interface to (WWW).

Since the entire user interface is written in an interpreted language,
it is very easy to make modifications and extensions to the system.
tkWWW is the first X11 browser with the ability to edit HTML!!!!!

tkWWW requires the installation of the tk and tcl packages which can
be retrieved from

To display images, tkWWW requires the xli package which can be
retrieved from

To Install the single executable version of tkWWW
In this directory

1. Type "./configure"
2. Type "make"
3. Type "make install"

To Install the interpreted version of tkWWW
In this directory

1. Type "./configure"
2. Type "make interp"
3. Type "make interpinstall"


Changes since 0.10

22 Apr 1994 Changed configure scripts and Makefile to conform to GNU style
            Fails gracefully if imager cannot be found

21 Apr 1994 Added ability to add horizontal rules
            Changed so that the default is single executable
            Rewrote hypertext.tcl so that styles images are handled correctly

05 Apr 1994 Changed mailing list settings
            Uploaded to cern tkWWW-0.11pre3

01 Apr 1994 Changed mailing list address

31 Mar 1994 Created tkWWW binary version

29 Mar 1994 Added Working HTProgress code and incremental updates of text 
            Changed hypertext.tcl so that there is only one bind

26 Mar 1994 Fixed incompatiblity with libwww 2.15 in which error dialog boxes
               were empty in response to page not found
            Added support for content encodings

25 Mar 1994 Now uses libwww 2.15
            Edited to copy over logo file too
            Edited image.tcl to prevent xli from saving picture to root

21 Mar 1994 Modified instructions in make install for
               (as reported by     

12 Mar 1994 Fails gracefully if it cannot find xli
            Add image works correctly
            Put prerelease 1 on

05 Mar 1994 Set variables to record link attributes
            Changed image.tcl to avoid freeze if image viewer cannot be found
            Fixed bug in Personal annotation deletion (reported by
            Added scrollbar to whine dialog
            Added lines so that make install installs the proper Tcl files
                in the library directory
            Now works with RCS
06 Feb 1994 Added patches by
               Fixes various segementation faults
               Uses sed instead of cpp to create tkWWW

02 Feb 1994 Fixed "Back" and "Home" bug which gave blank pages for those 
               buttons (reported by,
                           and others)
            Fixed edit.tcl so that Ctrl-a and Ctrl-e work