ANNOUNCE MAPMARKER V0.2 - Clickable map editor

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Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 14:00:56 +0200
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Subject: ANNOUNCE MAPMARKER V0.2 - Clickable map editor
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                                MAP_MARKER V0.2

        MAP_MARKER is a tool for generating clickable image maps for use
with HTML browsers.  It has been written by Gudge Chandramohan,
undergraduate from South bank University, London, UK as part of an industrial
training year at Glaxo R&D, Greenford.

        MAP_MARKER is available through www as a tar.Z file under:

        MAP_MARKER V0.2 is written in tcl/tk and allows the user to:

        - read an image file in EITHER *.xbm OR *.rppm format
        - optionally read in a NCSA format imagemap file (*.map)
        - create, move, edit, copy and delete the following shapes:
                - circle
                - rectangle
                - polygon
        - display these in a variety of styles and colour on top of the image
        - save the session as a NCSA imagemap file, including the display
        - load image automatically (from comments in *.map file)
	- test the validity of URL's

The next release will have the additional features:

        - Motif-style bindings
        - Filebrowsers for images, maps and URLs
        - Display of comments as textual annotation
        - automatic conversion of gif files to images.
        - prioritisation of overlapping areas

        If you have used a previous version, we would appreciate any comments
We have also made some assumptions about the format of the IMAGEMAP file, 
so please let us know if we've got anything wrong!

April 26 1994

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