Re: Quick Question on <Hn> and <HR> (Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit)
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 11:34:15 +0200
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From: (Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit)
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Subject: Re: Quick Question on <Hn> and <HR>
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[ about putting an HR 1) inside a header 2) outside it]

> Question: Which looks nicer? To me the 1st case.
> Question: Which is ``correct''? The 2nd.

Correct HTML/HTML+, yes. From the point of view of the logical structure of the 
document - which the HTML claims to represent - the rule is clearly a top line, 
a part of the title; it is not a piece of body matter in this instance. So I 
would argue that the first case is correct; it is just that HTML does not 
support it yet.

>From the point of view of clarity of communication, an HR in the place Paul 
suggests makes the document easier to read - it conforms with established 
convention. Look at chapter headings in any software manual, for example ;-)

And I remember that the spec says an Hn element includes all the space needed to 
set it off from the body text. So anything else which is part of the header 
should be included in the Hn - an image for instance. In that way, the html 
reflects the document structure that the designer intended, which I thought was 
the whole point.

Now that HTML is being re-DTD'ed based on current practice - an excellent idea - 
it would be timely to make this change too.

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