Re: Who can express URL syntax with BNF

Rick Troth <>
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 22:07:41 +0200
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Subject: Re: Who can express URL syntax with BNF 
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> The server should use the URL to disambiguate 
> whatever it needs to disambiguate: 
	I disagree. 
> 	GET /place-order?...	form
> 	GET /visual-index?...	spacejump
> 	GET /data?...		text search
> 	GET /library?...	library-style search (a=author, t=title, s=subject)
> 	GET /database?...	SQL search
> 	GET /listing?...	regular expression
> 	etc, etc.
	It's up to the object.   Let the server(s) disambiguate 
based on the attributes of the object being GETted. 
> --sanders
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