Re: proxy support doesn't work for `file:...' URLs

"Daniel W. Connolly" <>
Date: Mon, 2 May 1994 07:07:43 +0200
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Subject: Re: proxy support doesn't work for `file:...' URLs 
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In message <>, Larry Masinter writes
>This seems a problem with all of the implementations:
>The file:... URL is used both for local files and remote ones.
>I'd like to support users who want to test out their HTML documents
>via local files, but have them go thru the proxy server for non-local
>files. However, if you set up file_proxy to be your proxy server, you
>won't get local file access; if you don't, it won't try to proxy
>access even when `file:' is treated as `ftp:'.
>I've patched this in my local copies of Mosaic and lynx through a
>rather ugly hack, and I'm not currently using the proxy version of
>emacs (having proxy-ized that in a different way).
>I suppose I wouldn't need to do this if there were a supported
>URL localfile:... in all of the browsers; then we could deprecate
>`file:' by just making it equivalent to `ftp:'.

Yes... this gets a quick-and-dirty award for high utility/diff-line

But the long-term solution is to merge the URL scheme:
and MIME access-type namespaces. In MIME, localfile is spelled
"local-file", and anonymous ftp is spelled "anon-ftp". They
also define "afs" and "mail-server". We should deprecate "mailto:"
in favor of "mail-server" for the same reasons.

There's a wealth of experience and knowledge built up in the MIME
standardization process. No reason not to use it.


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