Paid White House Summer Intern Position: Deadline is FRIDAY 6 May

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Date: Thu, 5 May 1994 01:06:25 +0200
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Subject: Paid White House Summer Intern Position: Deadline is FRIDAY 6 May
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The Technology Division of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the
Executive Office of the President has the intention of hiring an intern this
summer.  The Technology Division is the part of OSTP that works on the
National Information Infrastructure Initiative.  We would like our intern 
to be qualified to help the build the White House World Wide Web server, 
which is likely to be open to the public in the fall.  The position will pay 
between $3,800 and $4,700 for 90 days.  The person selected will devote 
approximately half of his or her time to the Web server and half to 
general office duties such as answering telephones, making photocopies, 
and sorting incoming paper mail.

Anyone may apply for this position by responding to Vacancy Announcement
Number OSTP-94-02-AR (Student Assistant GS-303-3/4/5).  Applications must
be received no later than close of business Friday 6 May 1994. 

How to Apply: Send your SF-171 form (Application for Federal Employment,
available at a public library or campus placement office) and a written 
narrative summary of your experience and/or education on a separate 
sheet, and a SF-15 (Application for 10-point Veteran Preference, if 

Where to apply: Office of Science and Technology Policy, Technology
Division Room 423, Executive Office of the President, Old Executive Office
Building, Washington, DC 20500.  You may send your completed SF-171 by fax
to 202-456-6023.  Applications must be *received* by the closing date and
will not be returned. Relocation Expenses will *not* be paid to the
applicant selected.  A security prescreen will be conducted. The applicant
tentatively selected for this position may be required to submit to
urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment.  After
appointment, the employee will be included in the agency's random drug
testing program. 

Applications will be accepted from all qualified persons.  Consideration
will be extended without discrimination for any non-merit reasons such as
race, color, religion, gender, national origin, political affiliation,
marital status, age, membership or nonmembership in employee
organizations, or nondisqualifying physical handicap. 

Selective factors: Experience operating a personal computer and using word
processing software; experience in locating and assembling information for
reports, briefings, or meetings.

Quality ranking factors: Ability to organize, follow procedures,
prioritize tasks and complete deadlines; knowledge of grammar,
punctuation, and spelling; ability to communicate effectively both orally
and in writing; ability to achieve cooperative working relationships with
all levels of staff. 

Important additional information: If you want to show us what you can do
please send the URL to your Web home page in the subject line of an e-mail
message to  Do not put any other information in the
subject line, just http://your.own.address.  No phone calls or faxes
please. Be creative with your home page. You are not required to list
telephone numbers or other information you would not want to be publicly