Re: Toward Closure on HTML (frans van hoesel)
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 1994 20:37:22 --100
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Subject: Re: Toward Closure on HTML
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> In message <>, Jim Davis writes:
> >
> >1) clarifying question: Dan do you assume that in the future
> >people will not write directly in HTML using text editors, but
> >rather will write in other languages that get translated to
> >HTML or will be using fancy editors that generate the HTML
> >for you?  
> Well, I gather that html-mode.el is the most popular way to compose
> HTML today. RTF2HTML, FM2HTML, LaTeX2HTML and that ilk are closing,
> though.
I'm not a real vi adict, but because it is so easy to write html directly
using any editor one is used to, I am very reluctant to learn some
editor just to do html (I'm using the zip/jot editor for sgi machines)

In my opinion the html I use is only because it is so simple. All of
the exhibits on EXPO were created this way (I don't know about
Barry's part though).

- frans