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Jonny Goldman <jonny@Synopsys.COM>
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Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 22:14:35 +0200
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From: Jonny Goldman <jonny@Synopsys.COM>
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Subject: www-talk/comp.infosystems.www gateway 
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   In message <9405121945.AA05894@den.Synopsys.com>, Jonny Goldman writes:
   >Is there a gateway/relay between www-talk@www0.cern.ch and

   God save us! Nooooo!

Oooo, didn't mean to start a religious debate. 8^)

   About 600 message/day go through comp.infosystems.www, and most of
   them are browser support calls -- "I can't get Cello to work on my PC..."

Not quite 600, but it's clearly more than 50.

   There is an RFD going on about splitting comp.infosystems.www -- see
   news.groups, I guess. I haven't followed it. Until then, I will not
   tolerate a news->mail gateway. (I don't administer this thing, but I
   can make some noise...)

Ahh, now we're getting somewhere.

   I guess I wouldn't mind a mail->news gateway...

There should certainly be a mail->news gateway, but I believe the should be
a news->mail gateway as well, but it need not be www-talk.  Here's my reasoning:

People have preferences on how they want to get to their information.  Some
people like to browse (netnews), some like to be notified (mail), some like
to search and retrieve (WAIS).  I ask information providers to offer their
information in as many ways as possible, and let the users decide how to
get at it.

I have no problem with keeping www-talk as it is, but I'd sure like to have
a mail gateway to comp.infosystems.www, as I can't deal with netnews at all
these days.

- Jonny G