Testing accounts for ViolaWWW

wei@ora.com (Pei Wei)
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Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 03:40:36 +0200
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From: wei@ora.com (Pei Wei)
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Subject: Testing accounts for ViolaWWW
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In order to do better testings and support of ViolaWWW, I would like 
to solicit donations for guest accounts on the major Unix platforms. 
(excuse me for asking this on the list, but...)

At this point, this means anything not close to SunOS 4.1.3 and Ultrix 4.2
which I have access to, and paticularly (but not limited to!) the AIX R6000,
Dec Alpha, HP Snake, and SGI systems.

Here's the deal:

* You give me a guest account, say for atleast 3 months, on a machine 
  that I can access via the net.

* I'll restrict my use of the account to viola related portability 
  testings, like making sure that viola compiles and runs on the platform.
  I'll probably do this only just before releases.

* You'll get updated ViolaWWW executable.

* Acknowledgement in the Viola credits list, and appreciation of the 
  users who're current having trouble compiling viola on the particular

So, if your organization has some CPU crunchies to spare, good network 
connectivity, don't have a firewall, want to help viola development, etc,
please drop me a note. Based mostly on network connectivity, I'll select
one (or maybe two) offer(s) for each different platform.


-Pei                                            Pei Y. Wei  (pei@ora.com)
                                                O'Reilly & Associates, Inc