Statistics for Web Servers (Mark Farey)
Date: Sat, 21 May 1994 19:58:25 +0200
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Subject: Statistics for Web Servers
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I know that there are now millions of Internet users, however a large
proportion of these are using e-mail only. In order to establish a business
plan for a commercial WWW server in Ottawa I need to determine what sort of
traffic it might attract.

I am therefore interested in demographic information about WWW users or
statistics associated with specific servers. Any anecdotes, informed
opinions, advice or case studies will be very welcome. If you have
implemented a Web server yourself I would very much like to hear how
successful it has been and what sort of load it is carrying.

Another question is how many of these users have high-speed access as
opposed to dial up only? This will heavily influence the design of HTML
publications. As a Web server operator you may not know the answer to that

I realise these are difficult questions but it is essential to answer them
to justify the cost of setting up a WWW server. If you have any information
that you can share with me or can point me at the appropriate sources it
will be very much appreciated. Please reply directly to this list, if
appropriate, or send me e-mail.

Thank you,

Mark Farey at EpiSet Corporation in Ottawa.
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