SECURITY ALERT! [Re: How do you execute shell scripts in Mosaic]

Stephen D Crocker <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 1994 21:53:45 +0200
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From: Stephen D Crocker <>
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Subject: SECURITY ALERT! [Re: How do you execute shell scripts in Mosaic]
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Are you asking about how to execute a script on the client side that
comes in from an arbitrary hypertext link?  If so, there's a potential
security issue.  There's essentially no limit on what damage the
script can do.


> 	Has anyone managed to execute a shell script from a hypertext
> link in a html style document within mosaic. I understand it is
> possible, from the notes I have seen on this matter I have changed the
> following files:
> 	added the following to the .mailcap file
> application/x-csh; csh -f %s
> 	the following is included in the mime.types file
> application/x-csh	csh
> I have made the above changes and it does not work. I have the added
> constraint in that I am not using a http server, our network is
> strictly internal.  When you want to execute a shell script do you
> use a normal hypertext link, ie use the href="filename" command?
> Any advice would be most welcome.
> Simon Tuson