Re: Style Sheets for HTML

Date: Tue, 24 May 1994 21:40:25 +0200
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>From: BRIAN @ SMTP (brian) {brian@bur.GEOG.UCSB.EDU}
>Date: Tuesday, May 24, 1994 2:21PM
>Part of the reason that the number of html documents has ballooned
>so much is that they are so simple to format.  By restricting
>and/or complicating the formatting, you vastly reduce the number of
>people who are willing to learn the system and use it.  The World
>Wide Web was designed to expand communication globally.  Don't
>fuss that up by adding a bunch of fluff.  There's a well known
>concept in business that works.  It's called K.I.S.S.  -  Keep
>It Simple Stupid!
Hear! Hear!!

On the other hand, simple formatting (i.e., justification) makes sense.
Going to the level of fonts, would imply that a 1 kbyte HTML file would 
balloon to something like a 100 kbyte postscript file. And then there's 

If someone really, really feels the creative need to totally control fonts, 
layout, color, etc. - create graphics files, not HTMLs.