An Anchor attribute question: (Michael Mealling)
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 16:18:56 +0200
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From: (Michael Mealling)
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Subject: An Anchor attribute question:
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Since most folx who would answer this question were in Geneva last week
I'll ask it again:
Concerning the attributes of the anchor tag:

After looking over the current spec and picking apart the unstated but
possibly implied differences between HREF and URN, I have a question:
CAN <A URN="value"> mean retrieve the page that has this Uniform Resource
Name once it has been resolved into a URL?
Currently the spec says that the URN attribute only has value when in
conjunction with an HREF or a NAME.

>From the current HTML spec;
All attributes are optional, although one of NAME and HREF is necessary for the 
anchor to be useful. See also: LINK . 

Is this the intended meaning and if so can that intended meaning be changed
in order to accomodate URN->URL resolution?

<HR><A HREF="">
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