Re: The value of navigability (related to META...)

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Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 22:46:17 +0200
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Subject: Re:  The value of navigability (related to META...)
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> From: (Nick Arnett)
> Well, that's two now, so I must not have made it clear that I was only
> talking about priorities.  I certainly didn't mean to imply that
> presentation features should be ignored.  My little piece was about
> priorities, not about the absolute value of either navigability or
> presentation.

	Right, sorry about that! I think what threw me off was:

> There will be great pressure from the publishing industry, where I come
> from, to focus primarily on the richness of the markup of individual
> documents.  For the most part, those people should be ignored!  They don't
> ...

	Certainly people who focus solely on one aspect of the Web are
missing out and shouldn't be left to themselves to decide what's good
for the end user. Web development requires input from many different

> ...
> customers to it.  In the new paradigm, there are too many documents to
> view, so the appearance is less important than navigability, just as the
> ...

	As time goes by I think we'll find that in hypermedia
systems, appearance and navigability are entwined in ways we haven't
thought of yet. Those working on the standards have to balance a fine
line in thinking about the new architecture, and they have to
juggle a lot of wants and needs. I'd prefer a synergistic approach
myself, and this may not be practical, but don't discount it - the
Web is an entirely new beast and we may have to start thinking about
it in new ways if we want to make sure it lasts.

	-- Kevin

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