Re: The value of navigability (related to META...) (Gavin Nicol)
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 18:56:17 +0200
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From: (Gavin Nicol)
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Subject: Re: The value of navigability (related to META...)
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>>  OK. If, as it seems, you are saying that document structure markup
>>  is unimportant, I'll have to disagree strongly. The value of
>The whole piece was about priorities -- the *relative* value of these
>things.  I would never suggest that document structure markup is
>unimportant.  It's very important.  The only point I was trying to make was
>that navigational markup adds greater value than structural markup in the
>context of the Web.  

>>>I've never really made the distinction between net navigation and
>>>sub-document navigation.  That's a matter of ownership and physical
>>>location, primarily, I think.
>>  I agree. So why build the one without the other? The best thing I
>>  could imagine would be a single method for naming a collection of
>>  documents, a document, or a part of a document.
>Please don't make my words into absolutist flame-bait.

Sorry. It seems like we have been vehemently agreeing :-) 

I agree that navigational markup (on the Web scale) is of crushing
importance at the moment, but in time, the problem will be solved.
If we leave other issues until this is solved, we might miss a golden
opportunity for laying a foundation to build upon, and be stuck with
heavy renovations later. My only concern (which I'm sure is shared by 
everyone) is that we try to get as close to the elusive "right thing" 
as possible, as quickly as possible.