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Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 15:51:09 +0200
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Subject: Re: Including files 
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>> It's far more complicated. (But that shouldn't prevent us from
>> specifying and implementing it.) The general case is to include
>> only part of the document, for example just a single paragraph from
>> someone else's larger work. Or even the whole document - which
>> would in this case mean the <BODY> element, but without the <BODY>
>> tags. We first need to have a specification on how to reference a
>> certain part of a document and second have servers being able to
>> extract the referenced part from the HTML file and put it on the
>> wire.
>This is a more complicated approach than I think is warrented.  Including only
>part of an original document (that had not been intended for inclusion) is a
>far more general problem.

Yes, and we should address it.

>I'm not sure that including part of a document is
>meaningful, what do you expect to see if you include bytes 104255 to 122351
>from a gif file?

Nothing, but what about the rectangle specified by (123,100) and
(567,400) from said GIF file? Or "chapter 4" (whatever that means)
or everything between "marker 3" and "marker 6" from a HTML

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