Re: Toward Closure on HTML (Bryan Oakley)
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 09:32:13 --100
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From: (Bryan Oakley)
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Subject: Re: Toward Closure on HTML
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*whew*  I get my mail in batches at the beginning of the following day, so
I've had to read this whole thread in one big swallow.  But I digress...

There have been good points made all around, but by the end I forgot what
the original poster had to say.  After reading all these messages I became
somewhat confused about the present future (ahem) of HTML/HTML+.  I had
been under the impression that Dave Raggets HTML+ was to become the next
great thing, and that the preliminary official draft (I'm striving for
ambiguosity here...) is imminent.  If that is not the case, shouldn't it
be?  It appears that he has put a huge amount of work into it and, from
what I can gather, has a working DTD to boot.  What more can we ask of a

Does the question now need to be asked "So, where exactly are we"?  Is
Raggets HTML+ the next standard or is the gist of this thread we need to
back up to square one and standardize on what we got?  I say, let HTML be
the defacto but work as quickly as possible to solidify HTML+.  Muck and
mire are starting to form as too many people want to go too many

Isn't all this just remarkable?  I've been following this newsgroup for
perhaps nine months or so and been facinated to watch the web grow
unmercifully.  Everyone should be applauded for what has happened up to
this point, but beware the 'design by committee', which this mailing list
is trying to become (as opposed to 'design by community', which is how I
view the process to this point) 

Bryan Oakley, bitsmith