ANNOUNCE: The Chicago-Kent College of Law WWW Server

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Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 18:40:05 +0200
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Subject: ANNOUNCE:  The Chicago-Kent College of Law WWW Server
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The Chicago-Kent College of Law is pleased to announce its addition to the
World Wide Web:  The Chicago-Kent College of Law WWW Server.

The <A HREF="">Chicago-Kent College of Law</A> is
located at the following URL:

In particular, we have information concerning our law school, an interface
into Chicago-Kent's Electronic Publishing Initiative (under construction),
an interface into The Legal Domain Network, and access to Law Links.

The Legal Domain Network was established by Chicago-Kent College of Law and
Villanova University School of Law to consolidate all substantive legal
discussion on the Internet.  It is fully Wais searchable and NNTP feedable
to law-related organizations.

Law Links represents Chicago-Kent College of Law's effort to consolidate all
law resources on the Internet.  That is, instead of pointing to servers of
information, we are striving to point to the information pieces themselves
without having to go through the intermediate step of connecting to a resource

Please contact me if you have any trouble, questions, or comments.

Thank you.  Larry.

Laurence S. Donahue
Research Fellow, UNIX/Internet Consultant & Advisor
Chicago-Kent College of Law

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