Re: HTTP problem or Mosaic problem?

Larry Masinter <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 12:12:07 +0200
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From: Larry Masinter <>
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Subject: Re: HTTP problem or Mosaic problem?
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I suggested setting up:
to be `a text file with a list of address/port descriptions for multicast
audio and video'.

and Jon P. Knight replied:

> Or use the MIME type application/x-csh along with vsafecsh to launch the
> applications using a small script supplied by the server.  Check out
> Anders Klemets Media on Demand Server to see how it works:


> By using vsafecsh you limit the danger of naught people running dubious
> scripts on your machine.

> Jon

but I like setting up a new MIME type for mcast-session because it is
nominally less operating-system dependent than a `x-csh' type.

Oh, I suppose one could do a 'vsafecsh' for Windows that actually only
special cases a couple of shell commands, but it seems wrong to load
it all into one media type.