Re: HTTP problem or Mosaic problem? (Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit)
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 17:55:48 +0200
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From: (Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit)
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Subject: Re: HTTP problem or Mosaic problem?
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Jon Knight wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Jun 1994, Larry Masinter wrote:

> > I think a similar setup is useful for allowing someone to open up a
> > VAT or NV multi-cast session via the web: have the definition for
> > 	application/x-mcast-session
> > be `a text file with a list of address/port descriptions for multicast
> > audio and video'.

> Or use the MIME type application/x-csh along with vsafecsh to launch the
> applications using a small script supplied by the server.  

> By using vsafecsh you limit the danger of naught people running dubious
> scripts on your machine.

One problem there. Is vsafecsh available for mac, pc/windows, NeXT, OpenVMS, 
Amiga ... 

Larry's solution had the merit of platform independence which c shell, safe or 
otherwise, does not. I mention this in particular because Mac users seem to use 
applications like CUSeeMe (?sp) which is, I think, a VAT application.

Limiting to a single platform, in this case Unix, seems undesirable unless there 
is no other way. In this case the shell is only launching another application, 
so the original MIME type suggestion seems to be the bigger win.

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