Re: errors don't come back as Content-type: text/html

Rick Troth (
Wed, 13 Jul 1994 19:20:28 +0200

> I'd appreciate any Lynx specific questions taken to
>, but that is a matter of taste.

Done. But it results in this cross-post. :-(

> Anyhow, Lynx 2.3 defaults to text/plain, unless a content type is given
> by the server.

Methinks this is generally the Right Thing to do.

> I've modified the next version to default to text/html to ease these
> types of problems when doing an HTTP request.

Not sure if this was best. One annoying feature of Mosaic
is that it presumes things are HTML unless otherwise explicitly labeled.
Retrieve any number of plain-text items that aren't clearly labeled,
and blech! Runtogethernonsense. Maybe there should be some fall-back
processing when there's no content-type record. It shouldn't be a really
compilcated matter for Lynx, Mosaic, and friends to eyeball the first
line and look for the canonical "<html>" or other SGML-ish strings.
("<plaintext>" being a special case, of course) Maybe this feature
should be in the WWW Library code?

> Yours,
> Garrett.

Rick Troth <>, Rice University, Information Systems