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Nigel Willson (N.Willson@frso.bull.fr)
Fri, 22 Jul 1994 14:20:34 +0200

Please excuse any ignorance -- I am new to the list but not new to the Web.

This list is very interesting but, unfortunately, I simply do not have the
time to keep up with it. It seems to cover a lot of ground. I am looking
for a list that specialises, focuses, on the implementations of Web servers
for customers, i.e.

Public Network Web Servers (e.g. Internet),
Private Network Web Servers (e.g. Internal I.S.),
Leased Web Servers (e.g. Commercenet).

The purpose would be to discuss ideas on design, structure, multi-Web
servers, applications, etc etc.

However, I am hesitant to create and announce 'yet another WWW mailing
list'. What is the consensus of opinion. Are these discussions ideally
suited to be based here -- sorry I have not read the archives -- does
such a list exist, or is this a candidate for a separate list?


Nigel Willson.
Web & Wais Consultant.

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